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Property Details

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Its difficult to state merely by glancing at the report, because RealFacts told NBC Bay Area which the figures are http://www.urbanindo.com *not indexed to inflation (meaning the raw figure will be high than ever before, yet not necessarily the true value). Many will remember the dot-com boom rental costs soared throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. Whenever you adjust the average cost of renting inside 2001- the peak of the boom- to reflect inflation, or the expense in 2014-dollars, here are what the dot-com rental costs project to: San Francisco: $2,842 monthly. Oakland: $1,908 per month. San Jose: $2,228 per month.

Further advantages include driveway plus back garden. Available: Mid June Restrictions: Sorry NoBenefit Applicants, Pets or Smokers. To View The Property or For More Information,Please Call 01452 541561.

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